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Like almost all games, F1GP has been written with some form of protection to prevent people illegally copying the game. The copy protection (also know as codes or passwords) included in F1GP was primitive by today's standards.

By John
30 March 2000

To be able to run F1GP you had to look at a certain page, paragraph and word in the manual and then enter this into the game. This form of copy protection, to most people, is very annoying (even if you legally own the game yourself).

However very soon after the game was released people found ways to get around looking in the manual every time you loaded the game. There have been several programs made to change/crack/hack the game executable. Below I look at what all the cracks do:-

  • GpPatch
    This changes the game so that it will only ever ask for the same word every time it loads. The game only asks for the work "Monza" and it is subsequently known as "The Monza Crack".

  • Fo-Crk
    This patch changes the game so that you can enter any word at the copy protection screen and the game will still load.

  • Copy Protection Remover
    This program completely removes the copy protection screen so that you will never see it again. This is the patch that I highly recommend that you download.


I am not encouraging you to make illegal copies of the game - only to help you to get rid of the annoying copy protection screen.

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