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Installation is very easy with this joystick. Just plug it in, turn on your PC, put in the CD-ROM, install the software and then you are ready to go, just like most PC hardware today.


The main part of a joystick is - how good is it to use? Sadly, in this case not very good. Its main letdown is the D-Pad, which is a real nightmare. I decided that because most of us are racers, I would try it on racing games.

So I chose Grand Prix 2 from Microprose, I set up the joystick in the menu and calibrating it was the most difficult thing in my life! The cursor kept on moving up and down, left and right, and it was a gamble where you would land! I managed to get it calibrated to a reasonable setup and went into a race. As I sped down the straight, I was moving from side to side, and braking was absolutely terrible, I just couldn't keep the car in a straight line!

I tried other racing games as well, but the same thing happened which was very disappointing. This is because while pressing left on the D-pad, because there is no absolute left you are either pressing up and down at the same time.

I thought then that I would try the included game, a cut down version of Jazzjackrabbit 2, which is a 2D sonic type game, just play it for a bit of fun - not if you want a challenge! The joystick performs quite well in this, but when jumping you may not go where you want because of the above problem. Unfortunately I was not impressed.

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