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E-Dimensional announce expansion into the sim racing market for E-Dimensional 3D-Glasses.

By Team SimRacingWorld
10 March 2002

Alexandria, VA (March 1, 2002) -- eDimensional, Inc., a leading provider of consumer virtual reality products and accessories including the E-DTM Glasses for the PC is proud to announce full 3-D support for the Nascar racing sims including Nascar 2002, Nascar 4, and Nascar Racers, F1 Racing and many more PC racing simulator games.

Created for the serious enthusiast, Nascar 2002 brings you more details, beautiful scenery and the most realistic racing experience available on the PC. That is, until used with the eDimensional E-D Glasses. The E-D glasses come with software that when installed to the PC, instantly and automatically convert virtually all existing PC games into true stereoscopic 3-D, capable of being viewed with the E-D glasses.

Customers and critics are raving about the enhanced interactive and realistic experience that the E-D glasses provide. Flightsim.com, the #1 Flight Simulator website in the world has reviewed the E-D glasses on their website and said,

"If you have ever hankered with the idea of trying 3D glasses, start with these and you won't go back to the flat lands."
Jim Bruner, who recently purchased the E-D Glasses said,
"Tell everyone these glasses are AWESOME!! The 3d effect is amazing in Nascar 2002, and adds a whole new level of realism. It's a must-have for any race-simmer as much as a steering wheel!"

eDimensional executive Nathan Newman commented,

"Sim enthusiasts demand the most realistic simulation experience possible. Now with the E-D technology, they can finally have a real-world visualization experience at a consumer friendly price."
The lightweight E-D glasses come in a wired and wireless version, retailing for $69.95 and $99.95, respectively. Nascar 2002 and other games are currently available through retailers nationwide and the E-D glasses and other eDimensional products are available through the company website at http://www.eDimensional.com.

eDimensional, Inc. is a Virginia based technology company whose mission is to provide the latest in virtual reality technologies to all consumers at a very affordable price. The company has been featured at various trade-shows, on television, in magazines, on Internet web sites and more. More information can be obtained by visiting the company's Web site at www.eDimensional.com.

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