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An article explaining the multiplayer aspects there will be in Grand Prix 4. What's in it, and what's not? Find out in this article.

By Paul
26 February 2002

Q: Will Grand Prix 4 Have Internet Multiplayer?

A: No! Unfortunately the license Infogrames have with the FIA does not allow for this.

Q: Why is this?

A: Basically, the license Infogrames has is signed by the FIA and Infogrames and (for a large sum of money to the FIA) allows Infogrames to use all the cars, drivers and other related stuff from the season(s) which the license covers. Now, there are lots of parts to a license such as this, but one thing Infogrames do not have, is the right to include Internet Play. This is mostly likely because Infogrames signed a 5 year license in May 1999 (to cover seasons 1998 - 2002), and Internet Play was not such a big thing back then.

Q: Can They Not Change This?

A: For Infogrames to include Internet Play they would have to pay the FIA a lot more money for this privelidge, and probably a penalty fee for changing the license at this stage.

Q: Some F1 Games Have Internet Play, Why Not GP4?

A: The FIA signs individual contracts with different companys, and they will have paid a lot extra to the FIA for this privelidge.

Q: Will There Be Any Third-Party Patches To Fix This?

A: Yes, there is some hope. [I'm not an expert on LAN protocols] LAN Networks use TCP/IP protocols which are very similar to they way in which the Internet works. Because LAN play will be included in GP4, then hopefully there will be some very talented programmer who can modify LAN play so that it can be used over the Internet. (This has already been done to an extent in GP3 with GPxPatch).

Q: Ok, What Other Multiplayer Options Will There Be?

A: There will still be the clasicall, peer-to-peer modem play (direct dial), as well as the "hot seat" mode, LAN options, and for the first time in the gp-series; split screen.

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