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Article discussing possible ideas and problems faced with the track format in GP3/GP4.

By James Knopp
12 February 2002

Many questions have been raised since a picture of an Imola track, in development, was released on the 11th February with 3DSMAX R3 quite clearly being used. Hopefully this article should help you understand some of the reasons behind the techniques used in for tracks in GP3/GP4.


In the GPx community, GP3 has been widely and quite openly criticised for its methods in track design and it's graphics. People widely complained that for it not that GP3 was built using "basic" editors, we would see a greater standard of tracks. Maybe so, but the fact remains that these basic editors happen to be a combination of 3DSMAX R3 and Photoshop. For those among you who are not familiar with these titles, they are two of the industry's standard tools for making graphics. Amongst you I think will be many who will question this, say that I'm wrong. I might well be in some areas, I'm only giving you information which can be jusitified with proper reasons and in between that, the raw facts.

This article isn't going to give you an exact picture on how GP3's tracks (or even GP4's) were made. It will give you an idea on how they are made using information gathered. Hopefully it will give you a greater understanding on how tracks have been made and also answer some questions that have been obscurred by this new information.

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