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By John
17 January 1999

This is an interview that I did with Wim van den Bunder (the FOWSC race director) about the FOWSC racing league.

Q: How long has the competition been running?

A: The competition starts its first year in 1999; it is a succession of FOWC that started in 1998.

Q: Why did you start the FOWSC and what first gave you idea?

A: FOWC 98 was only run over 100% races. I thought that was rather long for the average F1GP racer. A few years ago there was a league LFRS (now for GP2) that organised races in different categories, so I thought - let's start those series again. I will organise it myself (Shane Foreman of FOWC asked me to, because he didn't had enough spare time to run two Series).

Q: How many people would you like to have competing in the competition?

A: I hope as many as possible, but if there became too many drivers, we could split them up into different leagues, like the football divisions all over Europe. (This would only be possible if there were more then 30 or 40 drivers).

Q: What measures do you take to stop the possibility of someone cheating?

A: Drivers have to keep log- and prf-files of there performance. You can check out the log-files for all kinds of cheating, load/save game (not possible because of using quick race), hitting the grass.

If someone hit the grass and gains time out of it on a new fastest lap I give him a 10sec penalty. He can appeal (we are democratic), by sending in his prf-file of the laps so I can check them.

Q: What would you like to see in the FOWSC in the future?

A: Maybe some more race types. A modified class (999 BHP or supergrip), and maybe some an e-mail racing competition during the winter break of the series, but that's an idea I still have to work out myself.

Q: Do you think enough people compete online using F1GP?

A: I think there are quite a lot of people want to race online, but they just don't find the right sites, I hope they'll find mine.

Q: Do you and the members of the FOWSC regularly contact each other?

A: It happens sometimes, but not too often. I think here's the main chance for the slower driver to learn from the faster. If they contact them, I'm sure the fast guys are willing to help with some driving and setup tips.

Q: What do you think has affected the success of the FOWSC?

A: I think a lot people will like the short distance races. I doesn't take too much of your time, and the finishing will always be close together. I guess that's what people like.

Q: How long do you think the FOWSC will continue for?

A: Hopefully, as long as there will be sufficient competitors, but I have absolutely no idea how long I can continue it, at least it will be run in 1999, and we'll see about the next millennium in 2001.

Q: What do you think about the future of F1GP?

A: It is a game that will always be popular I think. Classics never disappear. It is my opinion that GP2 will be gone faster than F1GP when GP3 has arrived in the stores. F1GP was such a big step forward in racing simulations, that people should never forget it.

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