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Privacy is very important on the internet and SimRacingWorld understands this. Below we have outlined what we have done to ensure the privacy of our users.

By Team SimRacingWorld

SimRacingWorld refers to everything on our servers - this includes SimRacingWorld.com and any other hosted sites.

All content on the SimRacingWorld servers, unless otherwise stated, is copyrighted to SimRacingWorld.com, 1997-2010 and may not be distributed without their permission. All other content is copyright of their respective owners.

All game screenshots/graphics/covers on SimRacingWorld are copyrighted to the game publishers and are used under "fair use" as promotional items. If you believe we have infringed on your copyright then please email us informing us of the problem and we will rectify it.

Privacy Policy

As you browse through this site your IP address, country of origin, browser details and operating system are recorded. We also use an advanced cookie tracking system to analyse repeat visitors and visiting patterns across all the network sites. All this data that is collected cannot be used to identify any personal data about yourself - it is only collected so that the site can be better targeted towards its visitors.

Due to security reasons we record all emails that are sent via the SimRacingWorld site. No addresses will ever be sold to any 3rd-Party.

The online polls that appear on the pages of this site do not collect any more information than the answer you give.

All of the information collected, as stated above, will never be supplied to any third party.


The SimRacingForums.com have a separate Terms & Conditions page.

3rd-Party Sites

Any sites linked from this site are not under the control of SimRacingWorld so we cannot be held responsible for any content provided on these 3rd-Party sites. The links are only provided as a convenience for the visitors of SimRacingWorld.

Downloading Files

Any files downloaded from SimRacingWorld are at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer configuration due to direct or indirect use of any file that is downloaded via this site. None of these files have been checked for computer viruses so we strongly advise virus checking any downloaded files before opening them.

External Vendor Prices

Any pricing information about products from external vendors are correct to the best our knowledge. However we cannot guarantee they are accurate and they may change at any time.

3rd-Party Advertising

Some of the advertising on SimRacingWorld is sold & served by 3rd-Party advertising agencies. You can view the privacy policies for Adtegrity and ValueAd

More Information

If there any other questions regarding the SimRacingWorld copyright & privacy policy then please contact Paul.

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